The quickest relief is to apply an ice pack

The quickest relief is to apply an ice pack or ice wrapped in a towel. The cold ice will help control the swelling. When you get home, raid your pantry for some of these household items to control the itchiness.. There are certain social media crazes over which history should draw a discreet veil. Twerking, Bit Strips (don get me started) and Rich Kids of Instagram do nothing to dispel accusations that much of our social media life is a mindless waste of time. Yet sometimes the internet churns up from its bubbling depths a nugget of goodness: the “no make up selfie” is one such endeavour..

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cheap oakleys Pro Fix: You could get a surgical neck lift or liposuction of the neck, but for noticeable results and a lot less downtime, people are increasingly turning to Kybella, a newly FDA approved treatment that involves injecting fat dissolving enzymes into the neck area. “Kybella has been a big hit with patients wanting subtle or dramatic improvements without having to have surgery,” Shridharani says. “It works wonderfully to permanently kill fat cells patients also get a tightening effect.” Expect to need two to four treatments and to experience some swelling and discomfort cheap oakleys.

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