The iPhone 6 utilises the display

The iPhone 6 utilises the display as a flash and in true Apple fashion, gives it a new name Retina Flash.iPhone 6s: 3D Touch What’s known as Force Touch on the Macbooks and Apple Watch is now called 3D Touch on the iPhone 6S.And this is the epitome of a slight change creating a very different user experience. Just like we’ve been conditioned to swipe and pinch out, we’re on the cusp of being mentally reconfigured to apply pressure to every display from here on out with the new generation of iPhones.(Photo: Elissa Loi)Catchily called Peek and Pop (now these new terms we can handle for our near capacity Apple section of the brain), these two actions are the result of 3D Touch.Essentially, you Peek before you Pop when you apply pressure on content within native apps like Email and Messages. If someone sends you a URL in a text, press on it to Peek into a preview, a little window opening within Messages itself.And if you like what you see, just press a little harder to Pop yourself right into Safari.Aside from allowing you to preview content before you decide to take further action, 3D Touch gives you shortcuts within your iPhone 6s.Just think of it as the right click on your mouse.

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