He would lug all the extra bottles

ON a chilly October 27 morning last year, Indian journalists covering the customary annual “Kashmir Day” demonstration in London had a surprise in store for them: egging on the crowd at Lincoln’s Inn Fields were several distinctly European faces. The most prominent was a slim, attractive girl, barely in her early 20s, leading the shouting brigade, exhorting “Indian dogs and rapists” to go back. Meet “Fatima” (her new Islamic name), from Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina “in search of my Muslim roots” and making common cause, along with a dozen other volunteers from the Bosnian cultural centre, with the other “suffering Muslims” of the world..

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cheap oakley sunglasses The most notable accumulation in the room, beyond the dirty fingerprints on the bathroom door, was the bottled water. On hot days, Blaise sometimes ended his L Street shift with as many as 12 donated bottles of water left over. He would lug all the extra bottles back to his hotel, where he would line them up on his dresser along with every other nonperishable, prepackaged thing he’d been given cheap oakley sunglasses.

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