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We started talking, and then he invited me to go fishing. I said, ‘Jimmy, I’m not worthy. I love fishing, but I’m not worthy of being in the boat with you.'”. If you have a Penicillin Allergy then you suffer from allergies Type 1 what is also called Contact Allergies. […]

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It is also significantly below the more recent multi year peak it hit in 2010 during the Hurd era. In case you forgot, Hurd was forced out of HP in 2010 following an expense report scandal. He’s now the co presidentat Oracle. I’m going to take the other end and […]

It is also significantly below

Speaking of polls, come join pollster John Couvillion of JMC Analytics and Polling (and me) today at roughly 3 PM on Facebook live. You can make comments and ask questions by text chat. Yesterday, Couvillon released another poll commissioned by Congressman John Fleming, one of the Republican candidates. wholesale jerseys […]

Speaking of polls

The game that made Paikidze famous has deep roots in Iran, by some accounts dating back to the 6th century Persian empire. The game became deeply embedded in Persian culture and literary production. “Checkmate,” the move that finishes the game, comes from the Persian shh mt, which means “the king […]

The game that made Paikidze famous has deep roots in ...